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The Enterprise-Grade Platform
for E-Commerce SEOs.

It’s no secret that e-commerce websites are beasts. Faceted navigation, constantly-changing inventory, and JavaScript-loaded elements like product reviews… the list goes on.

These challenges have made e-commerce SEOs some of the sharpest of the bunch, but the job still isn’t easy. That’s why we created Botify.

How does Botify help e-commerce SEOs?

Crawl and render your JavaScript at 100 URLs/second

Quickly pinpoint slow-loading resources, how your content looks pre and post-rendering, and perform device-specific JavaScript analysis.

Identify faceted navigation issues & other crawl traps

Direct search engines away from unimportant pages and to your key pages by using Botify to identify which pages they’re crawling vs. missing.

Manage out-of-stock products & get new products indexed quickly

Get the data you need to inform your out-of-stock product page strategy, as well as the ability to create accurate, up-to-date sitemaps.

Organize your data by product category, template, and more

Segments help you group your pages into logical groups, making it easy to pinpoint where issues occur on your website, as well as drill down to view that specific segment’s ranking keywords, content quality, and more.

“If you operate a large e-commerce site with multiple page types, Botify really is a must-have.”
— Jeff Romero, Co-Founder of Octiv Digital, on behalf of YDesign

Botify has helped countless e-commerce SEOs improve site architecture, crawl budget, and search traffic. Want to put Botify to work on your website?

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