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The Enterprise Keyword Research Solution That Helps You Discover New Opportunities.

How do you know what keywords you should be spending time optimizing your content for? Traditional keyword research aims to answer that question by helping you find new keywords related to your topics, and how often they’re searched. Chances are though, if you work on a large enterprise website, there’s huge organic traffic opportunity in your existing keywords, just waiting to be unlocked.

How does Botify help with keyword research?

Keyword research is about more than finding new keywords. It’s about finding new opportunities in the keywords you already have.

See what topics are trending with your audience

Spot new trends in real time as keywords become more or less popular with your audience. Knowing popular topics can help you create more relevant content, and ensure you’re ranking in top positions for the most popular keywords.

Identify keywords you’re
missing clicks for

Build keyword lists for queries you’re getting high impressions but in low positions for. Work from that list to identify content quality and intent-matching improvements that could bolster your rankings and traffic.

CTR data shows you keywords in “striking distance” positions

Find keywords where you’re ranking in a position with a low click-through rate. Work from that list to make content improvements that push you into a higher-CTR position for more traffic.

Pinpoint keyword
‍opportunities for mobile

Identify keywords your pages don’t rank well for in mobile search to prioritize content optimization for smartphone users.

Research keywords by
page grouping

Botify segments help you identify keyword opportunities for your blog pages, author pages, product pages, pages on a certain template, or any other segment of your choosing!

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