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Enterprise Keyword Rank Tracking That Scales.

When you work on a site with hundreds of thousands or millions of pages, and each page can rank for potentially hundreds of keywords, how can you possibly keep track of everything?

We built RealKeywords, part of the Botify Analytics suite, to help you diagnose ranking issues and find new opportunities by enhancing Google Search Console data and marrying it with crawl, log, and website analytics data, giving SEOs not only a scalable rank tracking solution, but a smarter one as well.

How does Botify help with keyword tracking?

Unlimited keyword

Track your performance for all your keywords, not just the ones that you input to track. Botify also doesn’t charge per keyword, so price isn’t a limitation on keyword tracking either.

No manual management

Keywords are tracked automatically as you start getting impressions and ranking for them — no manual inputs required. Discover new keywords you hadn’t considered.

See how page features and content influence rank position

Uncover the “why” behind your pages’ poor keyword rankings by overlaying crawl and log data. See what’s really causing higher or lower rank positions.

Powerful filtering and
comprehensive metrics

Save segments and filters for quick page group ranking comparisons. Filter keyword performance data to precise sets of URLs using hundreds of crawl metrics.

Try the enterprise SEO platform relied on for accurate, comprehensive, and actionable rank tracking. Get in touch to request a demo! We’d love to show you around.

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